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New Gmail Interface for iPhone and Android

A few minutes ago Google published through the official Google Mac Blog and the Google Mobile Blog the interface update for iPhone and Android. I m an iPhone user, so the following is only valid for an iphone.

The updated interface looks great, but i did not recognize so much change since the last visit of my gmail account through the iPhone’s browser.In general it looks very good, very slim, reduced to the max and is fast and easy to use. Nothing less than what Google provided me so far with Gmail. Most of the functionality you are used from the gmail-web-interface is now available through the iPhone interface. The only missing function for me so far is “labels”. I can not assign a new label to an email. I can star it, archive it and mark it as read etc. But there is not a function to label emails. Which is important for me.

The new update includes now the handling of Google calendar through the same interface. The switch between calendar and mail is easy and fast, too. You can switch to Documents and more, too. It seems to me, that with the new interface Google launched a substitute for the Google app, which was available for the iPhone before.

As gmail is working with the in-built mail application very well, too, there is no need for me to switch so far. A proper calendar functionality could be interesting, but still the in-built interfaces are more appreciated from my side. With the software BusySync from BusyMac I can connect my google calendar to ical and then sync it over mobile me with the iphone over the air. Which is a pretty decent setup so far.

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