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Friday Post: my twitter use – it is not about bathing your dog

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Dave Winer over at wrote today an interesting article about posting on a Friday and transferring the twitter tradition “follow fridays” (link to the article). In combination with his blog post “Scoble, your blog still loves you”, the idea is very appealing to me and made me think about this goal of a weekly blog post. Originally posting once a week was my minimum goal, but when I look into my posting history I am far away from that. There are always reasons to not write a few lines and there is not always a link or a topic at hand to write about or maybe there is, but as it is the same with other tasks, the priority and the space to think and write is not part of my schedule. So lets change this and start now.

Three days ago, I talked with my mum about twitter and facebook and social networking in general, because she stumbled upon the terms and read in the news about and remembered that I am kind of using them. This discussion made me reconsider about my usage of twitter.

Twitter is for me definitely not the person posting about what I am having for lunch, or when I am bathing my dog. Sometimes I do these ego-stuff like hello twitterworld, but very seldom and I am not interested to read such information from others. So what is the sense of using twitter for me?

It is acquiring information and gaining access to knowledge and ideas of others. Twitter is a source of inspiration. Some people post a line for example regarding innovation and this makes me think and point to a certain aspect, that I did not look into so far. As I am currently engaged in innovation policy research, this is an important task for me.

Second I use twitter search extensively and thanks to my seesmic desktop application I can really make use of it. Each search topic gets its own column and I am always up to date on each of the topics. This is my main use of twitter.
It is a information aggregator on topics I am interested.

The third thing I am using twitter to be informed about topics and what others think about it. This is the case with electronic democracy and innovation. I am working in this area and therefore, it is important to me to find people talking and writing about it and again with multiple columns and search I am aware of new post, comments and opinions on various topic.

The fourth application of twitter is posting links and sharing, even my own blog or posterous posts. I am not this publish it on every platform at once type of person, because there is a separation between my facebook, my twitter, my blog and my posterous.

In conclusion, there are various reason why twitter should be there and I am enjoying the four explained applications very much, acquiring knowledge, searching for news and information, searching for people and sharing knowledge and information.


Innovation Policy in Crisis Times

April 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I got to know about an interesting initiative of the xprize foundation, because I am subscribed to Jason Calacanis email list. The foundation launched a competition for developing a vehicle that is able to drive a hundred miles with one gallon of gaz. That is approximately 160 kilometers with 3,8 liters of gaz. A few years the vision was to go 100 kilometers with 3 liters. That was the famous 3-Liter Lupo from Volkswagen. The car made it to the streets, but was never sold in proper numbers.

The foundation will award the winner with $10 Million for the development of this car. The interesting point is made by Jason in the email. If you award the top 50 of the proposed solutions with $20 million you provide them with the funds, that are currently used to save the american automobile industry. Of course this argument has downside like all the employees, that could loose their jobs when GM or other are getting bankrupt etc. But the point is remarkable.

What could be done to change the direction of the economy and technological developments, if a government decides to change its investment strategy and focus on innovation and new technology only. The automotive industry is a great example to show the real matter of the crisis. The companies with some environmental friendly and lower consuming cars are the winners. The ones able to meet customer requirements are more likely to survive. The ones not are suffering and asking governments for financial support.

If the government would use the money invested in automotive companies and banks to steer innovation and technological development, it could tremendously fuel innovations and new technology. Economies could gain a new technological momentum and especially the established big western economies could again lead with technological developments.

Competitions and awards are a strong driver for innovations. On the one hand successful developments get money to start the market entrance after the development prooved to be convincing, on the other side there is enough freedom for developers and entrepreneurs to be creative and think out of the box. This is the big difference to control of technological development through the government after receiving government aid. There is less flexibility and a clear focus for direction. Innovation instead needs the freedom and the chaos and the accident as research in all our various research projects on innovation policy at the University of Munich indicates.

Consequently this means, that innovation policy should be inspired by competitions like the xprize foundation offers and provide the entrepreneurs and innovators with freedom and creativity. These awards should have a topic or theme and not only provide money with watering-can, which seems to be often the leading scheme of government innovation policy. The Munich Business Plan Competition is one very successful example. But these initiatives are in the right direction. The money from the several economy recovery and support programs should be more invested in such competitions. The example of the xprize foundation for the future car is showing the way for a creativity fostering approach of innovation policy.

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New Gmail Interface for iPhone and Android

April 7, 2009 Leave a comment

A few minutes ago Google published through the official Google Mac Blog and the Google Mobile Blog the interface update for iPhone and Android. I m an iPhone user, so the following is only valid for an iphone.

The updated interface looks great, but i did not recognize so much change since the last visit of my gmail account through the iPhone’s browser.In general it looks very good, very slim, reduced to the max and is fast and easy to use. Nothing less than what Google provided me so far with Gmail. Most of the functionality you are used from the gmail-web-interface is now available through the iPhone interface. The only missing function for me so far is “labels”. I can not assign a new label to an email. I can star it, archive it and mark it as read etc. But there is not a function to label emails. Which is important for me.

The new update includes now the handling of Google calendar through the same interface. The switch between calendar and mail is easy and fast, too. You can switch to Documents and more, too. It seems to me, that with the new interface Google launched a substitute for the Google app, which was available for the iPhone before.

As gmail is working with the in-built mail application very well, too, there is no need for me to switch so far. A proper calendar functionality could be interesting, but still the in-built interfaces are more appreciated from my side. With the software BusySync from BusyMac I can connect my google calendar to ical and then sync it over mobile me with the iphone over the air. Which is a pretty decent setup so far.

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